Solar At Home & Camping

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P8002M-1 - Solar Shed Light

Cost effective, easy to install flush mount system. 4-5 hours of pure white light. Great for the fisherman doing some late night angling, fish huts, campers etc

BSS-00107 - Solar Torch Lamp

Versatile for almost any lighting need. Rig it up in the shed or outbuilding for nighttime security.  An excellent work light, or detach from it mount  and use it as asuper bnright flash light that’ll light your path for hours

BSS-00201 - Solar LED Light Kit

The ideal patio light, on off switch, light up your BBQ, hang it on a tree when you are camping. Bright, clear, white light for hours on a single charge

BSS-00207 - Solar Emergency Light

Ideal, portable, light weight for hunting, camping, fishing. Lights your way during power outages. Plug in changing for cell phones and other small electronic devices ready to keep you connected.

BSS-00314S - Solar Home Light

Same as our popular 201 model but double the output, Two lights, indoor/outdoor application, weatherproof, waterproof, rugged and durable

BSS-00314LH - Solar Powerpack 3.0 Light Kit

Designed for sheds and other remote structures, barns, emergency lighting and comes with USB plug to charge cell phones computers and other electronics.

BSS-00316 - Solar Powerpack 3.0 Lantern

Don’t go out without it. This amazing solar power device acts just like lantern without any fuel. Lightweight, rugged and weather resistant. Fantastic for any outdoor activities. Charge lasts for hours and comes with USB ports to charge