Solar 101

Solar panels are a proven technology and SolarWorld has been making the industry's most reliable monocrystalline modules since the late 70's. Learn more about solar energy and how it can power your home.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels mounted on the roof of you home turn sunlight in to electricity, but just how do they work?

Learn how solar panels turn sunlight into power

How are solar panels made?

SolarWorld has been making solar panels from raw silicon in the USA since 1975.

See how we do it

Beyond rooftops

Anywhere there's sky

These days, PV technology is extending beyond rooftops into locations that have never known the benefits of electricity. As on-grid applications bring cleaner power to wired homes, so, too, do off-grid systems empower those without electric refrigeration and lighting. Along the way, SolarWorld has led the world industry in rural electrification and sustainable practices.

While rooftop systems provide countless homes and businesses with power right where they most need it, such installations are far from the only kinds of PV projects harnessing photons.

Ground-mounted systems make sense where roofs are unavailable or inadequate. Modules are mounted on racks anchored into the ground.

Canopy systems can provide shelter and produce power in parking lots and exterior corridors.

Utility-scale systems come in a variety of dimensions, but all produce enough electricity to power many buildings.

Tracker systems increase their output power by moving to follow the sun’s path.